Steadicam Operator

I've been in the industry since the late 90's. From small independent projects to large productions, each has its own finesse and requirements. Based off your project and budget I ensure the right rig is ready for your production on your schedule.

DP | Camera Op

The key to any project and production is being on the same page for the vision of the end product. It’s my job to be help paint that vision. Take the concept, create the look and feel and let the camera capture it into something everyone can see and feel. I’ve worked across the United States and across international borders to creating the visuals to take the concept to completion.

Post-Production | Editor

Starting out in the late 90’s I’m a hybrid to the industry. Editing makes sense to me the same way the smooth flow of clips creates a vision. Editing in post-post production has changed a lot but conceptually it’s the same. From the days of tape editing, cutting on Avid, Final Cut, Premiere and others, it’s about the concept of making a concept seamless to the viewer. I’m in hybrid in that I see things in lines, colors and flow on location yet back in post, I can feel the flow of the edit and know how to smooth it out when shots just won’t cut together.

About Me

I got started in the industry after changing my major 7 times in college. From studying International Business with an emphasis on the Japanese market, Geology and then to Ecosystem Management while fighting fire overseeing a wildland firefighting crew, I grew up loving skiing and wanted to make Warren Miller ski movies. I got started at small on campus college station and haven’t looked back since. One of my college professors was a Steadicam operator and it made sense that the rig allowed the camera to move the way we see things. In college I attended the International Film Workshops in Maine to learn how to fly and haven’t stopped since. I have an extensive range of experience. Pre-production development and script creation, production development and line item budgeting through on location and studio production. Studio lighting design to post production workflow, file management and offline and online edits to a digital delivery of the master. I also have a vast level of experience in live television sports production. Live sports is it’s own beast. I’m a seasoned Tech/Ops Manager, HH and ENG camera op, as well as A2 and mix as an A1 on small shows.

Deadlines, Budgets and Crews

This is the nuts and bolts of production. Regardless of the project what matters is 3 items: What is the deadline, what is the size of the budget and do you need a crew. From there everything else falls in-between. I have experience working with premiere networks and production companies along with my own production company located in North Idaho, Toes in the Sand Productions. Every project is scalable. Depending on what you need, I have resources across the nation to help scale up or down your project to help take it from a rough idea to a final project.

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